My Story


my Story

Nicole Forrester_headshotThe Journey

I was born in Toronto, Ontario but grew up in the small village of Cookstown whose population is smaller than most high schools. As a child I only wished one day I could compete in the Olympic Games, but nothing in my youth of swinging from the monkey bars or participating in extracurricular sports in school would have ever told me that this wish would come to fruition.

On one fateful day Life shared its plans for me. While working at McDonald’s restaurant at the age of 17, a coach from the University of Toronto, saw my “never ending long legs” and wondered if I’d like to learn how to high jump. I said, "Yes" and the rest they say is history!

I am an Olympian and an 8-time Canadian Track & Field Champion in the high jump. I have traveled to over 50 countries in the world, proudly representing Canada and medalling on various national teams. What my journey in sport has taught me, isthat hard work, confidence, a relentless spirit, and a commitment to achieving excellence can bring to life our greatest desires. My academic studies and research confirmed these experiences, advancing my knowledge on the principles of high performances.

For over 15 years I have specialized in high performance as an Olympian and world-class athlete, researcher, scholar, and consultant. I am passionately committed to ensuring individuals and organizations realize their greatest capabilities. Far too many individuals and organizations settle for just being good, instead of daring to be exceptional. Often the limiting factor is not talent and ability, but rather simply oneself. If you can get out of your own way, the possibilities are endless. Using my knowledge, experience and understandings I am committed to helping others achieve their potential as a mental and high performance consultant.

My question for you: Are you consistently performing at your highest level? If not, why not? And when would now be a good time to start? How high can you jump?

- Nicole



Hometown: Burlington, Ontario
Sport: Track & Field(Athletics)
Event: High Jump
Indoor Personal Best: 1.95m (6'4)
Outdoor Personal Best: 1.97 (6'5) University of Michigan
Education: PhD, M.Ed., B.Sc., & B.A.
Specialization: High Performance
Personal Motto: Measure your success not by comparing yourself to others, but by how close you approach your own potential. You may discover you'll surpass exceptional along the way.


8-Time Canadian Champion
2014 Michigan Women’s Track and Field Hall of Fame
Commonwealth Games Gold & Bronze Medalist
Pan American Games Silver & Bronze Medalist
World University Games Silver Medalist
Francophone Games Silver & Bronze Medalist
Canadian Championship Record Holder
Canadian Olympic Trials Record Holder
5-Time All-American
University of Michigan Indoor & Outdoor Record Holder
University of Michigan Stadiums Record Holder
Big Ten Indoor & Outdoor Record Holder
Big Ten Indoor & Outdoor Championship Record Holder

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