About Nicole

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Nicole’s thirst for understanding and achieving excellence is rooted in her academic pursuits.  She has studied high performance as it relates to psychology, physiology, biomechanics, and business.  She has a doctoral degree in sport psychology, with her studies integrated in industrial/organizational psychology, specializing in the psychosocial aspects and processes involved in super-elite performances.  Additionally, she has a Master of Education in Exercise and Sport Psychology, and Bachelors of Science and Arts in Movement Science (concentration in exercise physiology and biomechanics) and Sport Management and Communication, respectively.

Her integrated academic background has allowed her to understand how excellence does not occur in separate silos.  There is a relationship between psychological, emotional, and physical variables. It is Nicole’s belief that an applied integrated approach to consulting, best serves individuals in achieving goals, improving motivation and productivity, bouncing back from setbacks, and ultimately realizing one’s potential.


Hometown: Burlington, Ontario
Sport: Track & Field(Athletics)
Event: High Jump
Indoor Personal Best: 1.95m (6'4)
Outdoor Personal Best: 1.97 (6'5) University of Michigan
Education: PhD, M.Ed., B.Sc., & B.A.
Specialization: High Performance
Personal Motto: Measure your success not by comparing yourself to others, but by how close you approach your own potential. You may discover you'll surpass exceptional along the way.


Track and field is the most participated sport in the world and arguably the most competitive. At the age of 17, Nicole was introduced to the high jump discipline in the sport of Track at Field.   Prior to that age she had not participated in any organized sport, and certainly nothing in her pedigree indicated she would become an exceptional athlete.

She went on to attend the University of Michigan on an athletic scholarship, setting the school’s record, the Big Ten conference record, and the Big Ten Conference Championship record, all of which still stands today.  She would go on to become an Olympian, an 8-time Canadian Champion, a member of 20 national teams, and the Canadian National Championship and Canadian Olympic Trial record holder.  While competing for Canada, she amassed multiple medals including a Commonwealth Games gold and bronze medal.  During her years of competing in the high jump she would eventually find herself ranked top 10 in the world, in this very competitive discipline.

While, she has experienced much success throughout her 13 years of competing professionally, what she is most proud of are the lessons she has learned not in her victories, but rather through her failures – truly understanding what it takes to become great.

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